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- Antibodies

- Tissue Culture

- Flow Cytometry

- Bio Imaging

- Cell Signalling

- Reagents
- Real Time PCR
- Restriction Enzymes

- Media
- Media Dispensers

Welcome to our Company

One moment in time..

It is only sometime in history that like minded people come together and pool their passion , talent and experience to service their customers..Biohouse is one such venture which was floated to create an organization which will cater researchers and manufacturers with not only products, but with best possible solutions..Ultimate idea is to                   unleash an era of products and services which will help and boost pharma and biotech efforts in the region..

We speak what our customers would like to listen

At Biohouse, you get our expert technical team every time. Our mission is to perceive your needs the way you think about them.. If your problem is more complex, then our team will work with you hand in hand to optimize best possible solutions around your project. And if there's still an issue, we go right to the top for the answers you need. Our Scientific Advisory Board members aren't just figureheads... Their help will never be more than a phone call away.

Only Biohouse can guarantee you personalised attention to your research and manufacturing needs.

We deliver what our customers expect/Want

Bring the products and services at the same level, as per customers expectation..We do not only think out of box, rather we will also jump out of box to give you best value for your money..It is not only the product which matters, it is the application you can drive from these products...And that is what, we are committed to ensure for you.. Come explore us..

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