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- Antibodies

- Tissue Culture

- Flow Cytometry

- Bio Imaging

- Cell Signalling

- Reagents
- Real Time PCR
- Restriction Enzymes

- Media
- Media Dispensers


Becton Dickinson India Pvt. Ltd - BD Diagnostics Sytems is the global leader of products and instruments used for diagnosing infectious diseases. These products are used in the clinical market to screen for microbial presence, grow and identify organisms, and test for antibiotic susceptiblity. In the industrial market, Diagnostic Systems' products are used for the testing of sterile and non-sterile pharmaceuticals and medical devices, for environmental monitoring and to detect food pathogens. BD also have leadership position in Antiobodies, Flowcytometers, Tissue Culture and General Plasticware.
(Authorized for North India)

Kerry Cell Nutution – A leading global manufacturer of media components for Cell Nutrition featuring hydrolyzed proteins and yeast extracts for use in:
 Cell Culture
 Pharmaceutical fermentation
 Food Fermentation
 Bulk Fermentation.
 Diagnostic media.

Invitria- InVitria was founded on the commitment to provide the biotechnology industry with innovative products. Beginning with cell culture media development, InVitria has continued to grow in the areas of diagnostics, biopharmaceuticals, regenerative medicine and life science research. InVitria utilizes an animal-free production system, developing defined and recombinant ingredients that maximize cell culture performance and improve bioprocessing.
(Authorized for India/ Asia)
o Albumin
o Lactoferrin
o Lysozyme
o Transferrin
o ITSE- Animal Free
o Zap- CHO
o Zap- Hybridoma

Various equipments- Such as Real time PCR, Centrifuges, deep freezers, -20/-80 freezers, sonicators, magnetic stirrers Refrigerated incubators etc.

N-Biotek- N-BIOTEK, INC. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of laboratory equipment relating to Bio-technology located in Korea.N-BIOTEC, INC. has been highly appreciated in many countries with good quality,competitive price and unique feature such as IR-Concentrator, Vibration free shaker(Magnetic Induction Type), User Friendly Incubator (Co2 Incubator, Shaking Incubator),Shakers and Water bath.
(Authorized for India)
o Incubators
o Shakers
o Water Bath.

Adam Equipments- From research analytical balances to compact balances and industrial scales, Adam Equipment has been producing weighing scales, moisture balances, balances and mass measuring equipment for over 35 years.
(Authorized for India)

AusgeneX -AusgeneX is a manufacturer and global supplier of research and diagnostic products such as foetal bovine serum, newborn calf serum and other bovine serum products. AusgeneX also supplies highly purified bovine serum albumin (BSA), purified animal proteins, animal organs and non-bovine serum products. AusGeneX manufactures monoclonal antibodies for commercial use.

Chengdu Shangko Trade Co. Ltd.- Since the company started producing liquid nitrogen containers in 1976, it now has the products of liquid nitrogen biological containers, large caliber liquid nitrogen containers, auto-boosting liquid nitrogen containers and milk storage drums in four categories and more than fifty kinds. Chengdu Liquid Nitrogen Container Factory has acquired the authentication of ISO9001:2000 quality management system. (Authorized for India)
o Liquid Nitrogen Containers
For Storage- With racks or Canisters
For Transportation- With racks & canisters

Metertech Inc.- Metertech Inc. (Metertech) was established in 1981 pioneering in Taiwan for designing and manufacturing medical, analytical, biotechnology, life science, industrial quality control, and environmental instruments. Metertech specializes in integrating everyday use and laboratory instruments with the most current technologies and manufacture qualities.
(Authorized for India)
o UV/Visible Spectrophotometer
o Visible Spectrophotometer
o Microplate Reader
o Colorimeters
o Water Testing Solution
o Agriculture Testing Solution

Biohit- Biohit pipettors and tips provide unbeatable safety and ergonomics. Today, the Biohit liquid handling product range is the widest in the world. In addition, Biohit offers pipette maintenance, calibration and training services through its subsidiary and distributor network. Biohit liquid handling products comply with international standards of quality and have been awarded GS and CE/IVD certificates. (Authorized for India)

Ray Biotech Inc.- Ray Biotech, Inc., a leading developer and supplier of multiplex protein and antibody arrays, was recently awarded an STTR research grant to identify protein markers that could potentially be used in a diagnostic test for endometriosis. RayBiotech provides a reliable high-throughput technology for screening of proteins involved in inflammation, angiogenesis, apoptosis, cell growth, and signal transduction. Our arrays can be used to identify new drug targets, determine key factors, as well as discover and validate novel biomarkers.
RayBio® C Series Antibody Arrays (membrane), RayBio® G Series Antibody Arrays (glass chip), Quantibody® Multiplex ELISA Arrays, RayBio® ELISA, RayBio® EIA, RayBio® Protein Arrays, monoclonal antibodies, polyclonal antibodies, recombinant antibodies, proteins, peptides, immunoassay development and sample testing services.

Xiamen Runcheng Pharma Group Co., Ltd. Xiamen Runcheng Pharma Group Co., Ltd. is a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of biological materials which are widely used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and feed industry and which located in the famous harbor city—Xiamen. Xiamen city is in the south-east China, west back of the Taiwan Strait, facing the Taiwan Island across the sea. Business Trading has been developed.
Chymotrypsin, Hyaluronidase, Trypsin, Trypsin-Chymotrypsin Superoxide Dismutase, Heparin Sodium, Hyaluronic acid, Chondroitin sulfate

MP Biomedicals. The company manufactures and sells more than 55,000 products and is one of the only companies in the industry to offer a comprehensive line of life science, fine chemical and diagnostic products.

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