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- Antibodies

- Tissue Culture

- Flow Cytometry

- Bio Imaging

- Cell Signalling

- Excipients
- Coatings / Glycerides
- Cell Nutrition Media

- Reagents
- Real Time PCR
- Restriction Enzymes

- Media
- Media Dispensers


Biohouse Solutions is a biotechnology company that serves healthcare institutions, life science researchers, clinical laboratories,Pharma and Biotech industry. Biohouse caters to variety of customers with products and solutions.. It was result of merger between erstwhile Solution One and Molecular Solutions..

The company is headed by following directors

Rupinder Singh:
Rupinder is a gold medallist biotechnologist from Panjab University Chandiagarh and has many years of experience in building international brands  and businesses in India and Asia region. He has single handedly built many brands, businesses and teams..He started his career as a scientist and filed many Indian and international patents while working at one of the most prestigious pharma companies in India..He brings enormous experience to Biohouse. He is also founder of Biohouse. Prior to Biohouse he was working as Regional Director-Asia, Kerry Bioscience..He has also worked as Business Manager-BD Biosciences in the past.

Rochak badhwar:
Rochak is a biochemist and has many years of experience in building biotechnology and life science research business in India. He is also founder of Biohouse

Jimmy Bhambra:
Jimmy with many years experience in this field founded and run successfully Molecular Solutions business in north India. is also founder of Biohouse..

Biohouse is headquartered at 1, Jaipuria Building, Kolhapur road, Kamla nagar, New Delhi and has offices in Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Lucknow and other important cities in India..We also have our presence in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Srilanka through our channel partners..